Create interactive audiobooks for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung Bixby.

We create interactive audiobooks for Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung Bixby. Use this exciting voice format as a marketing tool, as a distribution channel or as a stand-alone product. With our storytelling tool, taking your story from conception directly to a perfect Voice application has never been so quick or easy.

EarReality is the market leader for interactive audiobooks and winner of the Amazon Alexa Games Skill Challenge, featured Agency by Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby. With our know-how and our storytelling tool developed by writers for writers, we are the leading experts for interactive storytelling.

Since 2017, we have been working on innovative formats for interactive audiobooks and optimizing our storytelling to provide the perfect experience for Voice users. We know how to write gripping stories, structure plot branches and create exciting choices.

We don’t have to tell stories to do business.
We do business to tell stories.

If you can tell the difference,

then you already understand quite well who we are and how we work. With EarReality, you’re getting awesome interactive stories and the best storytelling tool for Voice.

And we prefer to do business in an uncomplicated and personal fashion.
So, we work exactly as our interactive stories:
We ask you important questions and then you make your choices.

Are you ready to create your interactive stories with us?

By the way, you wouldn’t be the first

to write stories with us

because you want to work with the best.

Award winning storytellers

First place in the Amazon Alexa Games Skills Challenge 2018.

Featured Agency by Amazon Alexa

Amazon must have liked that.

Bixby Premier Developers

And Samsung must have liked that then.

What we have for you

Don’t worry about individual development and complex programming any more.

We offer runtime licenses for the EarReality Storytelling Tool.

With this tool, you create interactive audiobooks for Voice easily and quickly via a graphical user interface in your browser.

Numerous support features for you and your writers open exciting new possibilities for interactive storytelling throughout the entire production process.

You can publish your finished interactive audiobooks as an Alexa Skill, Google Action and Bixby Capsule with just one click.

We provide centralized tool-maintenance and hosting, saving you money and ensuring you best quality and continuous uptime.

Additional features:

  • Audio runtime calculation during input
  • Export of scripts & tree diagrams for voice actors and recording studios
  • Additional automated testing (several 1000 times) to detect technical errors
  • Providing your interactive audiobooks via a web player plugin
  • Automatic assignment of all audio files via mass upload
  • Provision of all meta data for the Voice app stores via the tool
  • Reports on user behavior and tracking of the users' choices
  • Tracking and notifications of user reviews
  • Enabling multiple episodes within one skill
  • Integration of In-Skill-Purchases
  • Fast modification of story branches, texts and audio files (live editing)
  • Integrated quick testing tool for writers & beta testing

Family and Kids or General Audience? What are the different formats for interactive audiobooks? Which narrative perspective should you use? Rather a long story or several short episodes? How long should the text passages actually be? How to create exciting choices? What is the best way to structure the plot? Where and how to use In-Skill-Purchases?

We might not know your questions, yet.
But we do know the answers already.

And we’d be glad to share our knowledge with you. Because we believe that this will help everyone. You, us, and the stories. And that's what we are all about.

Our services

Voice, Target Group & Strategy
We help you to find the right ideas and formats for your interactive stories.

Conception, Prototyping & Testing
We support you during the entire production process with technical and content support.

Coachings & workshops for writers
We coach you in interactive storytelling for Voice and working with our storytelling tool at your location or by webinar.

There are good reasons to entrust us with the creation of your story. We have the best storytellers for interactive audiobooks for Voice at EarReality.

Since 2017, we have trained over a hundred writers and have included the best in our storyteller pool. This allows us to match your stories with a writer who is a perfect fit.

We not only work on behalf of customers, we also publish stories ourselves. For example the children's audio book series "The Magic Forest" and the award winning story "Iron Falcon".

Two successful interactive stories that were specifically created for Voice. By our own efforts, long ago and only with modest means. But with true dedication to storytelling!

Our services

  • Writers selected to match your content
  • Development of ideas and concepts based on your specifications
  • Consultation tailored to your target market
  • Maintaining brand-specific tonality
  • Instructions & scripts for voice actors and recording studios
  • Regular consultation in regard to story progress
  • Drafts and revision by arrangement
  • Low time-to-market
Simply a great story.

Interactive storytelling for Voice

with EarReality.